Urgent Covid-19 Appeal

Never before has the world been so united in the face of such adversity.
We urgently need your help to support marginalised girls and women that do not have health and social systems to protect them.

Ndhiwa is a remote area of Kenya where the impacts of Coronavirus are more devastating due to its isolated position. Team Kenya are on the ground in the community and working to help girls through the crisis.

As the impacts of Covid-19 spread across the world, girls who live in Ndhiwa are at risk of violence, early marriage and pregnancy. Woman in Kenya are leading the response to protect and empower girls during the pandemic.

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Women in Ndhiwa Leading Our Response

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Global solidarity is critical in combating Covid-19. Donate now to provide help to communities that do not have the health and social systems to protect them.

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Keep Ups for Girls – our Summer challenge to give inequality the boot

We use football to promote equality between girls and boys in rural Kenya. Football has been very successful in terms of improving skills and talents, encouraging self-confidence, and increasing self-esteem and leadership skills. During the Covid-19 pandemic, girls are missing out on the key benefits of football and many are at greater risk.You can help turn things around by taking part in our Keep Ups for Girls Challenge this summer. Let’s give inequality the boot and get girls back on a level playing field!

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Thank you, as always, for your unwavering support for the most vulnerable girls and women of Kenya.

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