Your donation will empower girls and women in Ndhiwa to reach their potential. Right now it will also provide urgent emergency support for the vulnerable girls and women affected by Covid-19, and help to keep them safe.

Thank you for your kind support.

A donation of £10 could fund a solar lamp, pens and books for one girl, to enable her to study effectively at school.

£20 could fund agricultural training for one mother, so that she can be empowered to provide for herself and her family or it could provide child protection and a safe space for a girl who is at risk at home.

£30 could fund an urgent food parcel with essential supplies like soap and sanitary products for a vulnerable girl and her family impacted by Covid-19.

£50 could purchase a bee hive and give the training necessary for a woman to successfully produce honey, to lift herself and her family from poverty.

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