Safe in School Covid-19 Appeal

Never before has the world been so united in the face of such adversity.
We need your help to support marginalised girls and women that do not have health and social systems to protect them.

Ndhiwa is a remote area of Kenya where the impacts of Coronavirus are more devastating due to its isolated position. Team Kenya are on the ground in the community and working to help girls through the crisis.

COVID-19 restrictions in Kenya have exacerbated an already fragile situation, particularly in remote and neglected areas far from the capital, like Ndhiwa. Girls have become more vulnerable due to school closures and many families have been pushed further into poverty, limiting their ability to provide even one meal a day. The barriers that often stop children from attending school have been intensified, particularly for the most vulnerable and marginalised girls. Across Kenya, there has been a considerable increase in violence against girls since lockdown. 

Right now in Kenya, we are supporting 480 girls to make the transition back to school, and there are more girls that we have identified as needing assistance. We want to ensure the transition back to the classroom is as smooth as possible and that the most vulnerable families who have been made more vulnerable as a result of COVID-19 continue to be supported.

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Women in Ndhiwa Leading Our Response

How Can I Help?

This winter, we are asking for your help in spreading the kindness. 

£10 could fund a solar lamp, pens and books for one girl, to enable her to study effectively at school.

£20 could fund emergency support for a family in desperate need including an urgent support parcel with essential supplies like dried food, soap and sanitary products

£30 could provide a school uniform and shoes for 5 girls to support them to attend one of our partner schools

£50 could provide a month’s supply of basic needs for 10 girls from one of our partner schools (sanitary pads, personal hygiene, underwear etc.)

£100 could provide one month’s transport for our team of four Peer mentors to visit Girls Support Groups in all 15 partner schools to provide counselling and basic supplies

£250 could help us to deliver teacher training sessions and much-needed resources for schools such as posters, stationery, books

£500 could provide football equipment for our 15 partner schools, and help us to deliver football training and life skills sessions using the sport to engage both girls and boys, addressing issues such as girls’ safety and rights, respect, self-confidence and aspirations.

Your donation will make a huge difference to the lives of the girls we work with. Girls like Saida.

Your support has already been making a difference, read this heartfelt letter of appreciation from Francis Benecha, Headteacher of one of our partner primary schools in Ndhiwa.

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Thank you, as always, for your unwavering support for the most vulnerable girls and women of Kenya.

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