The communities we support in Ndhiwa know what they need – our job is to help make it happen.


Team Kenya first got to know the communities around Ndhiwa in 1998, since then, we have worked incredibly closely with the children, parents, teachers, Chiefs and local leaders to achieve our shared dream – communities where girls and women have an equal chance to succeed.

Our approach allows us to create sustainable, long-term changes in attitudes and behaviours in a way that traditional aid simply can not. We believe there is a place for all organisations, large and small, in development. However, when it comes to creating long lasting solutions that will live on long after we are gone, we believe our approach is unmatched.

Our unique relationship with the communities in Ndhiwa allows us the flexibility and understanding to respond to their needs and design programmes that are truly suited to them.

What do we believe?

There are no ‘quick-fixes’

Imposing ‘solutions’ on communities doesn’t work

Strong bonds = greater impact

Good intentions are not enough

Listening to the local community and global research produces the best results

Transparency and accountability are vital to success

Problems can’t be solved in isolation – a holistic approach is best

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