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What’s the story?

Team Kenya was officially founded in 2008 by Valerie Wilson, a geography teacher and senior manager working in a secondary school in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Before establishing Team Kenya, Valerie had been working with the Ndhiwa community since 1999, focusing on school partnerships and curriculum exchange.

Since 2008, Team Kenya have built a strong relationship with the community in Ndhiwa, and Twende Pamoja. Team Kenya work in partnership with Twende Pamoja and together we have transformed the lives of over 60,000 people in Ndhiwa, including 20,000 young girls.

2019 was a year of success and change – we know it is possible to get all girls in school and keep them there, providing safe and quality education, and we need to continue to strengthen, amplify and refine our strategies to Leave No Girl Behind. We also know that educating girls does not happen in isolation, which is why we also work with the local community in Ndhiwa and are constantly researching best practice in international education.

In 2020 we are changing our narrative from “making a difference” to “here’s how transformation really happens and why we need you to support and work with us”. 2020 is a year of transition, of shifting the power, so that we can ensure the continued impact and future sustainability of our work.

Shift the Power encourages organisations to transfer power to the edges. For Team Kenya, this means;
* building the capacity and skills of Twende Pamoja so they become “co-creators”
* continuing to evaluate and refocus our work so that we are adopting the behaviours associated with our values
* making a conscious effort to avoid bias in our language, our approach and our communications with the wider community in the UK and Twende Pamoja.

In 2019 Team Kenya and Twende Pamoja took part in a joint consultation to determine our joint organisational values and how these can be used to drive our programmes forward. Values are defined as “principles or standards of behaviour; judgements on what is important to us”. Our agreed values are;

* Collaboration: “the action of working with someone to produce someone”
* Empowerment: “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”
* Integrity: “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”
* Respect: “a feeling of deep admiration for someone elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements”

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