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What’s the story?

Team Kenya was officially founded in 2008 by Valerie Wilson, a geography teacher and senior manager working in a secondary school in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Before establishing Team Kenya, Valerie had been working with the Ndhiwa community since 1999, focusing on school partnerships and curriculum exchange.

Since 2008, Team Kenya have built a strong relationship with the community in Ndhiwa, and Twende Pamoja. Team Kenya work in partnership with Twende Pamoja and together we have transformed the lives of over 60,000 people in Ndhiwa, including 20,000 young girls.

2019 was a year of success and change – we know it is possible to get all girls in school and keep them there, providing safe and quality education, and we need to continue to strengthen, amplify and refine our strategies to Leave No Girl Behind. We also know that educating girls does not happen in isolation, which is why we also work with the local community in Ndhiwa and are constantly researching best practice in international education.

In 2020 our narrative from “making a difference” to “here’s how transformation really happens and why we need you to support and work with us”. 2020 is a year of transition, of shifting the power, so that we can ensure the continued impact and future sustainability of our work.

Shift the Power encourages organisations to transfer power to the edges. For Team Kenya, this means;

  • building the capacity and skills of Twende Pamoja so they become “co-creators”
  • continuing to evaluate and refocus our work so that we are adopting the behaviours associated with our values
  • making a conscious effort to avoid bias in our language, our approach and our communications with the wider community in the UK and Twende Pamoja.

As 2020 progressed, however, the global pandemic meant our ways of working had to change and our focus shifted temporarily. In the UK we quickly moved to fully remote working and in Kenya resources were very quickly mobilised so that Twende Pamoja were able to source additional funds which Twende Pamoja staff were able to effectively support many girls when schools closed. The effects of the pandemic continued throughout 2021 and this was a year of change for both organisations. In the UK, a successful Trustee recruitment campaign created a larger, diverse board of Trustees with a wide range of skills and experience. The UK board also finalised plans to recruit a new CEO, which culminated in the appointment of Leela Shanti in December 2021. In Kenya, Twende Pamoja continue
to ensure girls had access to teaching resources and, when schools reopened, were able to safely return to education.

As 2022 unfolds, we are working towards the following 5 long term goals:

  • GOAL 1: FUNDING AND ENGAGEMENT The principles of our approach and the
    processes by which we engage with new and existing partners are clearly articulated which
    leads to regular fundraising activities, grant applications, advocacy, education and
    awareness raising, volunteers and donor stewardship (relationship management).
  • GOAL 2: FINANCE Team Kenya and Twende Pamoja are financially resilient and
    sustainable organisations which are well managed with diverse funding streams generating restricted and unrestricted income in line with annual targets
  • GOAL 3: DATA AND RESULTS Robust monitoring and evaluation processes are in use which provide quality information to improve learning, planning and services and contribute
    to sector knowledge through, wider impact reporting and advocacy
  • GOAL 4: COMMUNICATION Clear communication strategy, processes and activities are in place which enable us to effectively articulate our vision, mission, values and impact
  • GOAL 5: RESILIENCE BUILDING Team Kenya and Twende Pamoja are well governed,
    resilient, and effective, with efficient, robust operating procedures which ensure they are
    sustainable, and impactful organisations

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