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In 2015, something amazing happened! After meeting our Co-Founder Victoria back in 2013, Gemma Yates, from Brighton, embarked upon a round the world fundraising adventure! She travelled across the world, from the UK to the USA and Australia, and took part in some incredible fundraising challenges along the way. She shaved her hair off, did a bungee jump dressed as a bunny and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, to name just a few of the crazy things she did to raise money for Team Kenya. She ended her fundraising adventure with a visit to our projects in Kenya to see where all her hard-earned donations would end up.

You can create something from very little. Initially I had no intention to fundraise whilst on my travels. It happened organically as I started to properly research Africa. It’s my way of thanking the universe for being able to support my globe trotting. It’s incredible the support I have received!” – Gemma

Gemma raised over £5,000!

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