Writing Your Online Fundraising Page

The key to a good online fundraising page is to make it personal! When people go onto your fundraising page, they are sponsoring you rather than Team Kenya (if they wanted to support us, they would donate to us directly), so your page should be about you.

Using Social Media Effectively

Social media can really help you with fundraising if you use it effectively. However, think about how often you browse through your social media and see someone asking for sponsorship – you need to post consistently and effectively if you want to maximise your sponsorship!

Raising Funds Offline

Unless you have the social media presence of Kim Kardashian, you’re unlikely to be able to reach your target just through online donations. Therefore, it is important to supplement your online fundraising by doing some offline fundraising. You may wish to organise an event, take a good old fashioned sponsor sheet around your office, or organise to pack bags in your local supermarket.

Resources to Share

We have plenty of resources that you can use to assist with your fundraising. Please look through the full list below. If there is something that would be useful that isn’t included, then let us know and we will do what we can to get it.

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