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Every year, amazing people just like you go solo or gather their friends and challenge themselves to raise money for people living in poverty in rural Kenya.

From shaving your hair off, jumping out of an airplane, climbing a mountain, zip-wiring off the Tyne Bridge or cycling from Brighton to Bruges, the possibilities are endless!

To join one of our amazing challenges just click on the links below, or if you’ve got a great idea and are up for a challenge, get in touch and we will help you every step of the way!

If you’re interested in finding out more about upcoming challenge events to get involved with, please get in touch with us; we’d¬†love to help you find the perfect challenge event for 2022/23!

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We use football to promote equality between girls and boys in rural Kenya. Football has been very successful in terms of improving skills and talents, encouraging self-confidence, and increasing self-esteem and leadership skills. During the Covid-19 pandemic, girls are missing out on the key benefits of football and many are at greater risk.
You can help turn things around by taking part in our Keep Ups for Girls Challenge this summer. Let’s give inequality the boot and get girls back on a level playing field!

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