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Help us raise £13,900 to support 420 girls to continue in primary education. Over 80% of girls in Ndhiwa do not complete primary school, many dropping out due to experiencing violence in and around their schools.

Girls’ Support Groups are a proven solution. In 2020, we hope to support Girls’ Support Group activities in 14 partner schools, providing girls with the guidance, mentoring and counselling necessary to enable them to complete primary school.

In 2018, all of our Girls’ Support Group members of graduation age were able to continue into secondary education. Current members are awaiting their exam results, but we are confident of similar results.

Georgina would likely have dropped out of primary school had she not joined a Girls’ Support Group – she is now studying at University and hopes to become a teacher!

“Right now, I’m very happy through the support that was offered. I can now have a brighter future ahead of me. My life has changed a lot; I am unlike other girls who never got the support.”

Meet Georgina!

It costs £25 per girl to run Girls’ Support Group activities to keep girls, like Georgina, in school. Please donate using the button below.

Donate – For Twice the Impact

Donation page open between 12pm on Tuesday 3rd December and 12pm on Tuesday 10th December.

What Your Donation Could Achieve

Your £10 donation could fund a solar lamp, pens and books for one girl, to enable her to study effectively at school.

Your £25 donation could provide Girls’ Support Group activities to one girl for a year, to ensure that she has the support and guidance necessary to complete primary education.

Your £100 donation could fund a girls’ advocate teacher in a partner school for 6 months.

Remember, your donation will be doubled so it will have twice the impact!



Your £500 donation could fund girls’ football team activities for a whole year.

Your £1,000 donation could help us to ensure that 42 girls have the support and guidance necessary to complete primary education.

Donate – For Twice the Impact

Donation page open between 12pm on Tuesday 3rd December and 12pm on Tuesday 10th December.

More Information

What is the Big Give?

The Big Give Christmas Challenge runs from midday on Tuesday 3rd December to midday on Tuesday 10th December. This gives you just one week to double your donation!

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s largest online match funding campaign. It offers supporters of participating charities the opportunity to double their donations. For example, an online donation of £100 is doubled to £200. If Gift Aid is claimed, it could be worth £225. Donations are doubled whilst matching funds last!

If you have any queries about the Big Give Christmas Challenge, or Team Kenya’s work in general, please contact who will be happy to answer any questions.

Who are Team Kenya?

If this is the first time you have heard of Team Kenya, please allow us to introduce ourselves!

Team Kenya involves entire communities in Western Kenya in gender equality, so that girls and women in rural Kenya can create their own bright futures. We work with local primary schools, and the whole community that surrounds them to tackle the barriers that prevent girls from accessing quality education.

At Team Kenya, we listen to the international community, our local partners and the community members in Ndhiwa to ensure we are delivering projects that are wanted by the people we are supporting and that are supported by global research and initiatives.

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